Having been curved out of the then Northern Region, the Savannah Region was established as a Region by Constitutional Instrument number one hundred and fifteen (C.I. 115) of 2019 with Damongo as the regional capital.
The decision to create this new region stems from the demands from a substantial majority of the people of Gonja land and the desire by the government to bring governance closer to the people to ensure more grassroots participation in decision making. The Northern Region as it was then, was too large geographically to be managed effectively as a single entity.

VISION : To create an enabling environment that seeks to attain a peaceful, stable and accelerated development of the Region; ensuring reduction in poverty levels of all manner of people and leading to high standard of living”.
MOTTO : To ensure total development of the Savannah Region through harnessing investment potentials, human and natural resources of the region; and efficiently monitoring, co-ordinating and evaluating activities, programmes and plans of the District Assemblies, Government Departments and Agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations in the region in the context of decentralized environment”.

Hon. Saeed Muhazu Jibril

Regional Minister

Mr. Yaw Adu Asamoah

Regional Co-ordinating Director